We have mastered the art of curbside pickup here at TKO! There is a pickup table under a canopy set up in front of the entrance of the restaurant (the parking lot side, NOT the Gallatin side). Your bag will have your name on it, and the ticket will be stapled to the bag. If you do not see your bag on the table, you may be early or we might be swamped. Please be patient and try to maintain 6ft of space between you and other customers. Need beer, wine, or cocktails? We can make it happen! Just call us at 615.915.3102 and we can add it to your online order. Thank you for reading, stay safe! xo

We change the menu frequently, and not all menu items are always available. Sometimes we have extra stuff, so always ask. xo, TKO.

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-=We are happy to accommodate allergies, and dietary restrictions (i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, celiac, etc.). Please let us know before you order.=-

This menu is subject to change based on seasonality and availability.

vegetable egg roll🥦4
pineapple sweet & sour sauce
egg drop soup🚫6
chicken broth, salt & pepper, egg ribbons
szechuan braised greens🥦🚫7
soy chili crisp
yuxiang beets🥦🚫8
chilled beets, garlic, chilies, scallions, ginger, toasted sesame, & sesame oil
spicy charred broccoli🥦🚫9
charred broccoli, scallions, sesame soy dressing, peanut chili crisp situation
chiu-chow tater tots🥦🚫7
spicy garlic & chili oil, let down sauce, kp ketchup
TKO chicken or tofu🚫14
ma la onions, kung pao, peanuts
sweet & sour chicken or tofu🚫14
caramelized onions, scallions, apple cider sauce
pork mapo tofu🚫14
szechuan pork ragout, chile paste, tofu, scallions
monday noodz14
szechuan pork ragout, chili braised mustards, soy chili crunch
roasted garlic fried rice🥦10
jim’s hot sauce, scallions, scrambled egg
mushroom fried rice🥦14
local greens, caramelized onions, scrambled egg
bourbon chicken fried rice14
fried pickled shallots, scallions, scrambled egg
spicy pork fried rice14
szechuan ground pork, pickle slaw situation, let down sauce, scrambled egg
steamed white rice🥦🚫2
//rice dishes can be made gluten free by request//
🚫-gluten free, 🥦-vegetarian
kids chicken nuggets🚫8
ask for sauce
kids fried rice🥦8
egg fried rice, dark soy
kids tater tots🥦🚫5
seasoned salt, ketchup
kids noodles🥦🚫8
mr. aaron’s good noodles, butter sauce