We change the menu frequently, and not all menu items are always available.
Sometimes we have extra stuff, so always ask. xo, TKO.

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szechuan style spicy mixed nuts   4
ma la pickled vegetables   6
vegetable egg roll   4
xian bing (pan fried mushroom buns)   7
szechuan sno peas   9
char siu mushrooms   8
szechuan cold zoodles   9
zucchini noods, sesame, spicy nuts, chile oil, shallots    
stir fry chicken & zucchini   14
zucchini, scallions, radish, oyster sauce    
dry fried green beans & pulled pork   14
scallions, garlic, ginger, vinegar, crispy soy beans    
pulled pork mapo tofu   13
TKO chicken or tofu 13 |12
ma la onions, kung pao, spicy peanuts    
sweet & sour chicken or tofu 14 |12
pineapple, onions, pineapple sauce    
roasted garlic fried rice   10
jim’s hot sauce, scallions, scrambled egg    
zucchini & peach fried rice   12
pickled onions, scrambled egg, sesame    
pulled pork fried rice   14
red cooked pork, slaw, spicy mayo    
bourbon chicken fried rice   14
fried pickled shallots, scallions, scrambled egg    
vegetable lomein   14
housemade knife-cut noodles, braised greens, ginger, pickled shallot, crispy soy beans    
steamed white rice   2


chicken nuggets 8

gluten free, choice of sauce
egg fried rice 8

-=We are happy to accommodate allergies, and dietary restrictions (i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, celiac, etc.). Please let your server know when you arrive.=-

This menu is subject to change based on seasonality and availability.



chiu chow tater tots6
spicy garlic & chile oil

roujiamo (肉夹馍)8
chinese pulled pork sandwich, sweet pickles, spicy mayo

crispy szechuan bbq shrimp17
jumbo wild gulf shrimp, hot rub, spicy soy sauce