We change the menu frequently, and not all menu items are always available.
Sometimes we have extra stuff, so always ask. xo, TKO.


egg drop soup 5

vegetable egg roll 4

chicken & vegetable bao 11
3 panfried buns, spicy soy sauce

fried broccoli 9
crispy rice, tahini, scallions

orange sesame beets 8
pickled chiles, toasted sesame, scallion

char siu mushrooms 8

szechuan snap peas 9
stir fry snap peas, spicy sauce, sesame seeds


stir fry chicken & mushrooms 14
dark meat, shiitakes & buttons, cabbage, oyster sauce

pork mapo tofu 13
szechuan pork, tofu, chile oil

volcano beef stew 14
braised beef, potatoes, radish, scallions, volcano sauce

TKO chicken or tofu 13 |12
ma la onions, kung pao, spicy peanuts

sweet & sour chicken or tofu 14 |12
pineapple, onions, pineapple sauce

roasted garlic fried rice 10
jim’s hot sauce, scallions, scrambled egg

vegetable fried rice 12
seasonal vegetables, scrambled egg

spicy pork fried rice 14
szechuan pork, onions, scallions, scrambled egg

red braised chicken fried rice 14
scallions, scrambled egg

steamed white rice 2kid’s chicken nuggets 8

kid’s fried rice 8

-=We are happy to accommodate allergies, and dietary restrictions (i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, celiac, etc.). Please let your server know when you arrive.=-
This menu is subject to change based on seasonality and availability.



cabbage & potato egg foo yung 10

stir fried chicken, cabbage & potatoes 14
also: scallion, oyster sauce

cabbage & potato fried rice 12
cabbage, potatoes, scallion, scrambled egg