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smoked fish dip 7
fried wontons, scallions

roasted mushroom steamed bun 5

vegetarian egg roll 4
kale, cabbage, garlic, cashews, cider sweet & sour

fried chicken livers 9
peach sweet & sour sauce


kung pao beets 8
chiles, peanuts, scallions

szechuan green beans 8

spaghetti squash egg foo yung 10
spicy soy sauce


stir fried pork belly 19
green beans, peppers, onion, chile oil

fried springer mountain half chicken 19
peach sweet & sour, kung pao, or sesame orange

twice cooked pork ribs 19
roasted squash, lemon, onion, sesame seeds

stir fried chicken 19
kale, sweet corn, onion, green tomato sweet & sour

szechuan eggplant 15
chile paste, scallions, tofu

vegetarian happy family 15
seasonal vegetables, fried tofu


vegetable fried rice 17
winter squash, braised greens, onion, chile oil, cashews

pork fried rice 17
char siu, green beans, scallion, chile oil, egg

house-made lo mein 17
zucchini, onion, cabbage, peanuts

steamed white rice 3


cornmeal & buttermilk doughnuts 6
chili honey, five spice sugar

pineapple cake 6
pineapple curd, whipped cream

-=We are happy to accommodate allergies, and dietary restrictions (i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, celiac, etc.). Please let your server know when you arrive.=-
This menu is subject to change based on seasonality and availability.



smoked fish dip 7

char siu bao (pork steamed bun) 5

sesame golden mantou 4
fried steamed bread, hot mustard

chicken wings 9
sweet chile sauce

jook (rice porridge) 6
peanuts, jalapeno, black vinegar, sesame oil

twice cooked pork ribs 11
watermelon pickle, peanuts


stir fried beets 8
red onion, pickled ginger, spicy soy

wok fried corn on the cob 4
chile honey scallion, pepper salt

kale salad 8
ginger peanut dressing, red onion


fried springer mountain half chicken 19
peach sweet & sour, kung pao, or sesame orange

stir fried pork belly 19
kale, onion, sweet corn, green tomato sweet & sour

stir fried beef 19
southern natural skirt steak, scallion, jalapeno

cornmeal fried FL catfish 19
green beans & onions, garlic black bean sauce

orange chicken 19
chicken thighs, onion, scallion, toasted sesame

vegetarian happy family 15
eggplant, peppers, cabbage, corn, tofu

szechuan squash stew 15
red onion, chile paste, scallions, tofu


vegetable fried rice 17
peppers, corn, scallion, brown butter, sunny egg*

roast pork fried rice 17
peas, red onion, worcestershire, scrambled egg

hawaiian fried rice 17
house spam, pickled pineapple, jalapeno

steamed white rice 3